films of the gallery


Bashar Alhroub

The Other Is Me 




Gateway to Heaven 



A piece of music that was playing one of the bands that participated in the cultural evening, which was held in the gallery at 28 \ 3 \ 2015



video art via + short film Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery-2013



Said Abu Shakra, Founding director of the Umm el Fahem Art Gallery-2013


CultureBuzz Converses with Said Abu Shakra – An artist on a mission!



CultureBuzz’s Ultimate Exhibition Guided Tour: Irit Carmon Popper with “Shadows of Time”


What’s the use of fishes
of Mela Boev-2014


American Friends of Umm el-Fahem Museum of Contemporary Art

of Gene Lemay – 2012



Bashar Alhroub