800 Years to Umm el-Fahem Art Festival – “Location/Home” Exhibition


19.5.2012   –   20.7.2012


Curator: Yael Argov Hacmun       

Assistant Curator: Adham Gbareen

Participating artists: Lea Avital, Liat Elbling, Anisa Ashkar, Oren Ben Moreh, Huda Jamal, Sharon Glazberg,  Hinda Weiss, Nirit Zer, Raafat Hattab, Shadi Yasin, Buthina Milhem, Avraham Ben Hur Palgi, Lialy Khawesh, Nimrod Reuveni, Ayelet Kestler, Assa Bigger and EIiya Beany.

Anisa Ashkar, Come to Visit, 2010

On the occasion of the 800 Years to Umm el-Fahem Art Festival, we invited both local artists and artists from all over the country to be guests in various locations and homes around the city to exhibit their works of art.  The exhibition “Location/Home” raises questions about belonging and estrangement, local boundaries and rules, hospitality and invitation, and seeks to examine the interaction between the hosts and their guests in the various locations of the exhibition in Umm el-Fahem.

The exhibition is not being held in a traditional museum display area; it is space-dependant art that seeks to enter a strange home, observe and become familiar with it.   

We examined the unique conditions of every location, those that enabled us to bring in and display works of art that produced a dialogue with the place. The connection that was created between the works of various artists in each location, as well as the accumulative connection from among all the sites together raises issues and different perspectives about home and environment. The works of art are engaged on different levels of the term “home”. Through their biographical experiences, the artists attempt to formulate or create a new, non-associative place or engage in more symbolic imagery.  The works act in the gap between past and present, reality and imagination. Sometimes they evoke nostalgia, yet at the same time attempt to abandon it; others are loaded with the tensions between the concepts of identity, belonging and alienation. The exhibition places these different perspectives in a location which is not their natural environment, but rather the home/location of someone else. 

As part of the preparations for this exhibition, the Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery redecorated two old houses in the city and converted them into alternative show rooms. In addition the homes of two families, The Khawesh family and the home of artist Fouad Agbaria, host various artists to exhibit in their rooms. The “Al Basha” coffee factory was as well temporarily converted into display area. The home of Abu Ayed, on the border with MeiAmi will be a fascinating lookout spot on the city and a display in the open. 


The exhibition “Location /Home” asks the viewer to stroll through and “get familiar with” the various sites. This wandering route invites contact, acquaintance, study and hospitality. The people of Umm el-Fahem open their homes and businesses to the visitors of the exhibition. This meeting will re-enact how the curators and artists worked leading up to the exhibition (and as such the visitor will re-enact the act of creation itself). This is art that has been created out of the desire to host and be hosted. Simply come and meet.

The exhibition "Location /Home will be open for the public every Saturday from May 19 until the beginning of the Ramadan month, on July 20th

The gallery will provide minivans for visitors of the e exhibition.

The tour cost is 20 NIS.

For further information please contact Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery:  04-6315257

The exhibition is accompanied by a map that details all the sites and views.