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Each year we need to raise funds to support a wide range of learning programmes, public events, exhibitions and special projects at our gallery.  We approach trusts, foundations and governmental offices to support our work, but private donations and corporate giving are also very important to us.

Your support can really make a difference, enabling us to improve and care for our current collection and deliver a diverse range of activities that would not be possible otherwise.  Also, your generous support will help us to build our forthcoming Umm el-Fahem Museum of Contemporary Art; the first of its kind in Israel.

Why donate?:  Your generosity will help up to:

  • Bring Art to young people from Umm el-Fahem and the Wadi Ara region
  • Expose Arab Art in a professional and worthy manner
  • Provide a platform for dialogue between people from different backgrounds and cultures
Help us:  You can help us in all sorts of ways: by Volunteering or by giving Donations, Knowledge or Objects.  For more information on our current projects and how you can help email us on:

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Volunteer at the Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery:  Are you an IT graduate looking for a big project to dazzle future employers with?  Are you a frustrated web designer who would like a new challenge as well as a great opportunity to meet new people, travel and be part of an exciting project? Are you and Art teacher keen on meeting students from If the answer is yes to either of these questions then read on.  WYou could make an invaluable contribution to the gallery by donating your time and expertise to a very worthy cause.  To volunteer at the gallery click on the following link:


or alternatively, email our Project Development Director on: