Activities for All

The Gallery hosts many groups of visitors, providing them all with professional guidance through the exhibitions as well as an opportunity to learn more about the city of Umm el-Fahem and its people.
School Groups
Groups of pupils of all ages, both Arab and Jew, come to the gallery as part of their school program to learn about art and to experience art first-hand. They work in spacious, well-lit workshops and are exposed to painting, sculpting and ceramic techniques. They are taught by professional instructors provided by the Gallery and the Ministry of Education.
Guided Tours for Groups
We organize guided tours both in the Gallery and in Umm el-Fahem for interested groups. The tours include: a guided-tour of the exhibition showing at the gallery, a visit to the archive and a guided-tour of places of interest within Umm el-Fahem, including a drive through the old parts of the city which takes in the magnificent views from the hilltops.
The Historical-Photographic Archive
The Gallery’s ‘investment’ in the future, which is intrinsic to its educational programs, is marked by a serious and sincere approach to understanding and recording the past. The archive, established at the gallery in 2008, is being continuously updated in an effort to map the recollections of the elderly population in Um el-Fahem and the Wadi Ara area. The working team, headed by Historian Dr. Mustafa Kabha, devotes its efforts to the documentation process by means of photography, video filming, oral interviews and gathering of other materials.
Children at Risk
Since 2005, the gallery has devoted a considerable effort to helping children, who are considered to be at risk, from Umm el-Fahem and the Wadi Ara area. Through tight cooperation with the local municipality’s welfare departments, a connection is made with families of children at risk and these children are invited to spend a day a week at the gallery to work in the workshops in order to express their feelings through art and improve their communication skills. The process is tightly supervised by professional caretakers from the welfare department in the municipality.
Women Empowerment
Since its establishment, the Um el-Fahem Gallery has been working towards empowering women by inviting women from the local area to take part in activities at the gallery. In 2010, for the first time, due to growing community awareness and with the help of local social services, a substantial connection has been forged between the gallery and a group of interested women. This group of 15 is aiming to help women become active, creative and self confident. They call themselves “takween” which means “coming into being”. Their long term objectives are to impact housewives in the city, encourage creative thinking and help women form a personal, independent sense of self.
The gallery provides this group with financial support and the know-how that will help them to achieve independence.
Other Activities
The gallery organizes and hosts conferences, symposiums and seminars on a range of subjects in the fields of art, culture and architecture.Since 2006, parallel to all its on-going activities, the Gallery has been working towards the establishment of the Um el-Fahem Art Museum – the first Arab museum in Israel.