The Identity of the Palestinian Artist

Between Tradition, Culture, Modernization & Globalization

A New Group Exhibition & Book Launch

The Umm El Fahem Art Gallery

Curator: Farid Abu Shakra

Opening: Saturday, 9/4/2016, at 14:00

The Umm El Fahem Art Gallery

Most Palestinian artists work in a world laden with contradictions, one that comprises a multiplicity of identities, cultures, languages and territories. What is the Palestinian artist’s artistic code; for whom does he paint? The artist would ask to speak in the name of his people, surroundings and homeland, while preserving his own independence of thought – of feelings, compassion and individuality too. But how can one be creative, innovative and unique when called upon to understand and translate the pains and hopes of others, living in turbulent Palestinian-Arab surroundings, heaped with frustrations, struggling to eke out a meagre daily existence and facing destruction and ruin.

“The Identity of the Palestinian Artist,” is an exhibition designed to put to the test, the aspirations and dream of Palestinian culture and art from a human, cultural and academic perspective. It is an attempt to exert influence from within, far from slogans and politics, based on the desire to serve both the individual and society. This discourse is crucial for us as Arabs and Palestinians living in a complex reality, in order to save ourselves first of all. To be sure, more than dialogue is required in times like now, to find solutions to the distress in our region. But this platform for discourse, at least, and the exhibition suggest an alternative to confrontation, while preparing sustainable mutual ground for everyone that is partner to the discourse and interested in working towards the establishment of an organized framework of one sort or another, for Palestinian art, with a strong presence both in Palestinian society and throughout the world. In addition, the platform has been designed to strengthen the connection between Palestinian artists that are residents of the State of Israel and those living in the Palestinian Authority and Palestinian Diaspora, a bond we must legitimize, place at the forefront and nurture via discussions, conferences, research, exhibitions and joint projects.

The exhibition includes about 150 works in various media: painting; photography; art installation, and video. More than 30 Palestinian artists living in Israel, the Palestinian Authority and the world, are represented.  Most of the works on exhibit have been purchased by the Umm El Fahem Art Gallery, to be part of the permanent collection of the future Palestinian Art Museum.

Participating artists: Asam Abu Shakra; Suleiman Mansour; Walid Abu Shakra; Abed Abadi; Nabil Anani; Raida Adon; Anisa Ashkar; Manar Zou’abi; Khader Washaq; Michael Khallak; Manal Mahmid; Bashar Al-Kharuv; Fatma Abu Roomi; Samah Shehada, and others.

A number of special events relating to contemporary Palestinian culture and art will take place while the exhibition is running. The focal event is the launch of “The Identity of the Palestinian Artist,” a book produced & published by the Umm El Fahem Art Gallery.

The event will take place at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. 21/4/2016, at 10:00.

Exhibition closes on 19/11/2016

The Umm El Fahem Art Gallery

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