The Blooming of Spring

The Umm El Fahem Art Gallery will host “The Blooming of Spring,” an exhibition by the artist Usama Said, which will open on 27 April 2013. The exhibition, curated by Dr. Nava Sevilla Sadeh, deals with the significance of spring as a metaphor for the vicissitudes of the Arab population in Israel specifically, but also in the entre Arab world. In his large-scale works in oil, Said uses expressive, richly colorful abstract images to depict his impression of the blooming of spring in the Galilee, his family and childhood home. This impression is influenced by personal experiences in the wake of the expropriation of land in the Galilee in the 1970s, when he first lost his innocence. Said’s artistic language, influenced by German Expressionism, is based on intensely chromatic splashes of color, is rich with significance regarding the experience of alienation and displacement. In so doing, his imagination expands to encompass the events of the Arab Spring, which have been ongoing in the Arab world. Born in 1957 in Nahaf in the Western Galilee,  Said has shared his time these past 20 years, between Germany and his home village. “Spreading His Shadow from Far Away,” his 2008 exhibition held at the Kibbutz Gallery, was curated by Tal Ben Zvi and Yaniv Shapiro, and he participated one year later in “Men in the Sun” at the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, an exhibition curated by Tal Ben Zvi and Hanna Farah.

The opening of ”The Blooming of Spring” at the Umm El Fahem Art Gallery will take place on 27 April at 12 PM







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