Umm El-Fahem Art Gallery

The gallery's main goal is to be a home for Arab artists and Art and to create a meeting point for a meaningful dialogue between cultures.

Shadows of Time

Photographic documentation of the Elders of Wadi ‘Ara, 2007-2012

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Recent Exhibitions

The gallery operates under the auspices of the El-Sabar Association, with a membership that includes intellectual and cultural figures from the entire Wadi Ara region. The association is a non profit organization and is supported by funds from the Ministry of Education of the State of Israel, the local municipality, various foundations, private donations and contributions from local residents.

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KARIM ABU SHAKRA- 24-1-2015 01/02/2015
RAIDA ADON – 14-1-2015 EXHIBITION 01/02/2015
FATMA SHANAN – 2015 01/02/2015

Umm el-Fahem Museum of Contemporary Art

This museum will be the first contemporary art museum in the Arab sector in Israel. The museum will present groundbreaking art that reflects the richness and complexity of the region, and as such will serve as a mirror of the area’s culture.



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